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Christian Business Writer exists for only one purpose:

To deliver persuasive writing for content and all business copy in the most relevant, thoughtful, carefully crafted and technically excellent way to the best of my ability. 

I’ve been using the pen for quite some time in my life, and there’s something about using the written word to communicate that gets my motor running. 

Who I Am

Steve Cass – An AWAI trained Direct Response Copywriter – at your service.

  • Content Creator
  • On-page and website SEO  improvements
  • Video Scripts
  • Copy Editor
  • Technical Writer

I like to create web copy or written product / service promotion for Christian Business. 

Assisting you in being a leader of your audience by showing them about your products and services are my areas of focus.

I will gladly consider writing for you, whether or not you are a Christian company or person.  The name Christian Business Writer was chosen to tell you that I am a writer with high expectations of myself. My intention is to deliver more than what you ask for – with thoroughness, kindness and utmost consideration for you and your clients.

My faith is an important part of my make-up. I live my life by the value of learning to walk in your shoes first before opening my mouth.

An important thing for Christian Businesses to know is that I am a worship leader, songwriter and author with a passion for being correct in theology. 

To me, marketing is all about leadership – no matter what type. I don’t mean the commando-type, I mean servant-leadership. 

Writing persuasive copy is to walk along with people and assume the leadership responsibility of helping them find exactly what they need.


What I Do

I write compelling copy for any form of web or print content as well as for video scripts. I’m a content creation expert that believes in the ‘audience-first’ approach. 

Search engines and social media empower everyone to take charge and figure out their own choices, regardless of claims of excellence. It becomes my job as a writer to help you as a business manager to show up early in their decision process. You and I will provide valuable content that convinces them that they’re more empowered with the guidance your company might provide than they would be otherwise.

Content without copywriting techniques can be wasted words. Copywriting without creating audience-first content can make folks reach for the back button or the red x.  

Really great and inspired content, with thoughtful User Experience adjustments such as color, style and white space is the first step in Search Engine Optimization.

Next, using knowledge of keyword phrase usage, placement and other website admin, SEO enhancements are an important part of the strategy. But they don’t mean a thing unless you’re building a rapport with your customer – first.


I Research and Tell Your Story

Taking care about what you’re really interested in, my research about your company and people, customers and product is critical in assuring a thorough design of the premise for the copy. 

You have a story to be told about your products and services, and folks need to be made aware of that.

There is a gamut of people out there: customers and friends who are already a part of your family, as well as those new people searching to fill their needs with your products. 

We need to build relationships with both types. Your story is everything.

Persuasive writing for print can be different than the web. If you have a written task, I’d love to talk with you about the different methods and how each type can be effective for your projects.

The seals below mean that I am a verified student of the most dedicated organizations available to the direct-response writer. Please click on each logo below (or here and here) to read why it’s important to hire a writer that is trained specifically to sell. 

I’d like to prove that my skills of the audience-first approach could be helpful for you. Please request a task for me to complete or to review a copy problem that you have. I’d be happy to review any section of writing that you wish and give input on how to make it more compelling.

My job is to serve folks, you and your clients, and help them take action. I humbly request you allow me to bid on your copywriting needs today.


Send a message to: Steve at Christian Business Writer.com

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  • Quality
  • Thoroughness
  • Leadership
  • Respect
  • Humility
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