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Songwriting is probably the most difficult form of complete story telling that there is.  A good lyric has to be able to tell an entire story in a very short form of words.

And while other forms of writing allow the story line to develop over time, we songwriters don’t have that luxury. This is the pinnacle of word crafting. Imagine purposefully conveying time, place, situation, character intro and development, word pictures, character focus and point of view, story development and summary all in a short number of words.

Impact per word becomes a very real factor, and a very enjoyable challenge!

I am a music publisher with over 110 songs in my catalog, of which I am author or co-author of over 70 works.

My specialty is Christian personal Praise and Worship and corporate Worship. My CCLI (Christian Copyright Licensing, International: catalog has over 60 titles. Please go there and enter Stephen Robert Cass in the Song Select search box to view some of the selections.

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Here’s a link to the landing page for my latest album, a work of 10 songs called Worship One:1 Songs for the Church. The full lyrics are available for each song.

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